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Image by Jessica Favaro

"I am still on the fence about this and it may just be my unpopular opinion but I was against serving alcohol at my wedding so we didn't. If I was getting married again tomorrow I think I would put aside my stance and splurge on an open bar. Our guests looked bored and it was hard to get people up and dancing."

V.C 2021

Image by Nathan Walker

"I am most happy we splurged on our videographer. Least happy that we splurged on favors and a limo. An absolute need at a wedding? A really good dj!"

N.F 2019

Image by Jakob Owens

"We were most happy we splurged on the travel expenses for our family from out of the state. If I were to get married again tomorrow I would absolutely have to have better catering with more options. Oh and I'd also have to have my husband there of course!"

J.B and F.B

Image by tracy truhan

"I am most happy we splurged on our flowers they were stunning on our arch and the centerpieces were taken home by our guests. I am least happy we splurged on our videographer because of how the video turned out and not being able to change the music. If I was having another wedding tomorrow I would absolutely have our violinist play for longer!"

E.K 2021

Image by nikki gibson

"If I had to get married again tomorrow I would absolutely splurge on upgrading the drapes in the ballroom!"

D.C 2021

Image by Fallon Michael

"Most happy we splurged on our food options and desserts. The area I was least happy that we splurged on? Videography. Looking back we should have spent more time reviewing vendors and trusted our gut that the contract was unfair. If I was getting married tomorrow I absolutely would hire a wedding coordinator outside of the venue coordinator. I would have loved having someone else in my corner!!"

E.B 2021

Image by Brittney Weng

"I am most happy with the photographer and videographer! Those were the most expensive things we spent on the wedding but it was so worth it. I wish we didn't spend too much on the wedding cake! I would absolutely need a wedding planner if I was getting married again. Doing it all by myself was very stressful and I wish I had one!"

M.H 2020

Image by Wedding Photography

"I wish I would have splurged on the amount of time I spent doing trials for hair. You linked me with several artists but unfortunately when I found you it was too close to my date to change who I had hired. They weren't up to my expectations and I was glad to have you to talk through that experience with before walking down the aisle."

K.D 2022

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